Table of Contents

List of Contributors

Stuart Allan and Einar Thorsen

Section One: Eyewitness Crisis Reporting

Chapter 1: Histories of Citizen Journalism
Stuart Allan

Chapter 2: The Taming of the Warblogs: Citizen Journalism and the War in Iraq
Melissa Wall

Chapter 3: Citizen Photojournalism During Crisis Events
Sophia B. Liu, Leysia Palen, Jeannette Sutton, Amanda L. Hughes, and Sarah Vieweg

Chapter 4: Wikinews Reporting of Hurricane Katrina
Farida Vis

Chapter 5: Citizen Journalism in India: The Politics of Recognition
Prasun Sonwalkar

Chapter 6: Human Rights and Wrongs: Blogging News of Everyday Life in Palestine
Heba Zayyan and Cynthia Carter

Chapter 7: Citizen Journalism in China: The Case of the Wenchuan Earthquake
Joyce Nip

Chapter 8: Blogging the Climate Change Crisis from Antarctica
Einar Thorsen

Section Two: Citizen Journalism and Democratic Cultures

Chapter 9: The Iranian Story: What Citizens? What Journalism?
Gholam Khiabany and Annabelle Sreberny

Chapter 10: Citizen Journalism and Child Rights in Brazil
Olga Guedes Bailey

Chapter 11: OhmyNews: Citizen Journalism in South Korea
Chang Woo Young

Chapter 12: Globalization, Citizen Journalism, and the Nation State: A Vietnamese Perspective
An Nguyen

Chapter 13: Citizen Journalism and the North Belgian Peace March
Nico Carpentier, Ludo De Brabander, and Bart Cammaerts

Chapter 14: Indymedia and the Law: Issues for Citizen Journalism
Lee Salter

Chapter 15: Citizen Media and the Kenyan Electoral Crisis
Ethan Zuckerman

Chapter 16: Citizen Journalism as Social Networking: Reporting the 2007 Australian Federal Election
Axel Bruns, Jason Wilson, and Barry Saunders

Chapter 17: Crisis Alert: Barack Obama Meets a Citizen Journalist
Tom Fiedler

Section Three: Future Challenges

Chapter 18: Citizen Journalism in the Global News Arena: China’s New Media Critics
Stephen D. Reese and Jia Dai

Chapter 19: User-Generated Content and Journalistic Values
Jane B. Singer and Ian Ashman

Chapter 20: Wiki Journalism
Paul Bradshaw

Chapter 21: The Future of Citizen Journalism
Mark Deuze

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